This section features various NES commercials and reviews of NES-related "hints and tips"-style videos. There're screenshots and RealAudio sample sound files; I don't have MPEG videos or anything like that for two reasons: one, i don't have a video-capture card, and two, videos would be just plain too big regardless.

These sort of things are always great to look at; not just for the nostalgia, but also to laugh at. :) Still, who can forget the Super Mario Bros. 3 ad, with every single person in America chanting "MARIO! MARIO! MARIO!" and forming the shape of Mario's head so that you could see it if you were on a satellite? Classic stuff! Nowadays video game ads are basically like music videos! Barffff..

Note: to save space and allow longer sound samples, I use the RealAudio format to store sound files. It's small, available for Windoze and Mac users, and there's really very little loss with 28.8 compression. You can find directions for downloading the RealPlayer application and configuring it for your browser on the official RealPlayer site.

Anyway, if you have anything that you think you could add here, be sure to mail me because I could always welcome additions to this section.

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