Download the sound from this ad (~340k .wav file)

Supersonic is the #1 bet
it's got no wires, it's the one to get
Arcade action is where you'll be
Supersonic will set you free!

"No wires!"

It works with Nintendo, it will do
Games for players one and two
Higher scores is what you'll see
Supersonic will set you free!

"No wires!"


I really just can't say enough about this ad. Camerica, before releasing NES games, released several controllers, including the SuperSonic in 1988. (There's a similar ad for their other controller, the Freedom Stick.. the song is changed slightly; that's the only difference.)

Even if you're on a 14.4 connection you should really download the .wav file right now. It should be a crime to be as funky as the guy who sings this "rap" tune is.

"No Wires!"

With the help of the SuperSonic, not only does the kid in the ad get "higher scores" ("based on US Video Game Team findings", claims the fine print at the bottom of the screen), not only is he able to fly through space with the help of the 'turbo' function of his controller, but he also becomes endowed with a weird, almost Aryan set of parents who happily intone with their kid that the SuperSonic has "NO WIRES!"

In short, you can't get more 80's than this advertisement.

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