How to Score More Points on Nintendo Games
Length: 34 minutes
From: Kodak Video Programs, 1989 (the tape has amusing ads for some of Kodak's other tapes, including a yo-yo instruction video starring Tom Smothers)

Ad copy: "Everyone wants to win. Now you can let Skip Rogers, World Video Game Champion [their italics] show you how... Isn't it time for you to get the most out of your video game system! Let Skip show you how."

Some of the amazing computer graphics in the video

The truth: Claims of being World Video Game Champion aside, Skip really doesn't offer that much help. Most of his tips, in fact, are downright silly. Here's some for Mega Man II (a screen like this shows up after each game):

And for Platoon:

"The fourth level is tough"? Oh, yeah, thanks a lot, Skip!