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"Get the power to move with the Acclaim Wireless Remote for your Nintendo Entertainment System! The Acclaim Remote gets you mobile in a Wrestlemania grudge match! Flying Airwolf, the Acclaim Remote's rapid fire mode means higher scores per mission! In the battle for IronSword, seconds count. So you need a controller with the look and feel you already know. Accurate up to 30 feet. The official Wireless Remote Controller, licensed by Nintendo, created by Acclaim. Get the Acclaim Remote - the power to move!"

A "Wrestlemania grudge match"

This ad features a would-be Nintendo player who, with the help of his new Acclaim controller and his own ability to jump off the couch and do amazing backward flips, is able to defeat the things that grab out at him from the TV screen. Virtual reality meets the 8-bit generation in this young man's living room.

"The battle for IronSword"

He gets consecutively attacked by some big muscular arms, then by a huge gust of wind (from Airwolf, I would assume), then by a giant rubber paw or something from IronSword. The kid, after doing an amazing flip to avoid the slightly wobbly appendage, realizes he is successful, and shoots out laser beams from his controller toward the camera, as the shot fades into a picture of the game box. Not bad for the rather low budget I bet Acclaim had.

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