Download the sound from this ad (~50k RealAudio file)

Epyx didn't actually make any NES games.. but they did make this rather uncomfortable-to-use joystick. The buttons are on the bottom of the thing, and are meant to be pressed with whatever hand you're using to hold the stick (hur hur hur). Via this strange buttom placement, as well as the "quick-thrust stick" (hur hur hur hur), Epyx claims "a response time in the area code of... lightspeed!"

At the end of the ad, the player, who's so cool that he wears shades that reflect the California Games cart he's playing, explodes in pure quick-thrust agony. I wonder what would happen if this player were to buy a NES Advantage? Would he shoot fire out of his nostrils? We'll never know, unfortunately. :-(

You can tell immediately this joystick rocks - it's filmed in black and white!

"Oh no! I can't see my surfer from behind that huge, rapidly-increasing score!"
"Whoooooah nooooo..."
BOOM! Another Nintendo death