American Video Game Players League Presents: Video Game Guide
Length: 40 minutes
From: Studio Video Productions, 1989

Ad copy: "Join our "All Star" Team and they will help you learn how to achieve new heights and get more points. This video features ten of the hottest games made today."

The truth: Probably the most low-budget of the tapes featured here, everything from the sets to the announcer to the video graphics look cheesy. The tape features the "American Video Game Players League", made up of 3 guys and 2 girls. I bet they're bitter rivals with the US National Video Game Team, although something tells me that these guys aren't really that good at video games. Maybe it's the fact that we never actually see them playing the games... oh well. In any case, I hope you'll agree that Jennifer is quite a nice looking lady, if you'll pardon that puffy hair of hers.

The funniest thing about this video, though, is the announcer. He is incredibly enthusiastic about the games he's voicing over. I have never heard anyone sound so excited about things like getting power-ups and killing bosses. It's like having Dick Vitale by your side while playing Super Mario Bros. You'll see what I mean when you play the sounds below.

Ron, the leader, talks about how cool he is


  • The entire intro, featuring the rockin' theme and the American Video Game Players League sounding off (pay special attention to the "YO DUDES!" lady)
  • The announcer making Legendary Wings sound like the most exciting experience of his life (Collect the power spots with the P!)