Returning from Himeji, we had some lunch at Yoshinoya and set out for the great land of Kobe. As it turns out, Kobe is a lot like my hometown of Philadelphia - it's got a few people, the food is cheap and there's not a lot to do.

In every major city in Japan, no matter where you are you're not very far from a games shop. There's at least one in most shopping areas, and more dotted here and there. In the Kansai area of Japan (which covers Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe) these "Famicom Shops" are all over the place. Since their sign says (in English) "Licensed By Nintendo" I can assume some relation to our favorite company.

Just because a shop says it sells "Famicom games", though, doesn't mean that I'm home free. Even now, the word "Famicom" is used in Japanese to refer to video games in general, just like how kids used to "play Nintendo" in the 80s. So it's possible to go into a Famicom shop and not find any Famicom games at all. You have been warned.