Once I arrived at Kobe, I went with my friends for a little sightseeing. After dumping our luggage in a locker (searching for said locker was an adventure in itself - apparantly lockers in Kobe are like Beanie Babies to middle-aged women; many people want them but they're deliberately in short supply) we took the train for about an hour to the city of Himeji.

There we headed to Himeji Castle, the most amazing castle in the entire world (or something; I wasn't really paying attention) featuring the whole complex in more or less its original state, with lots of corridors, holes in the walls (for warriors to dump crap out of to annoy attackers), gun racks and old people with trouble getting up the stairs. At the top you can look out the windows and view all of Himeji and get your memorial stamp slammed on the English brochure you get at the gate.

You think I'm lying? You think I'm making up this story about studying in Japan just to impress all the ladies I left behind? Well, check out that photo - that's a real Japanese person! Feeding bread to carp! Try finding that in New York!