Here we are inside a toy shop in Kobe. Like in America, mom-and-pop toy stores are good places to search for obscure materials; I actually found a portable Barcode Battler II unit in one, which I could use to finally play Barcode World.

This toy shop, like most others, has a side section devoted to games. Some shops are modern and run like a major business; others look like a trash dump and are run by smelly old men who acknowledge you by turning down the TV when you enter. This being 1998, this shop is well-stocked in Pokemon merchandise, Color Game Boy literature, and (oddly enough) Neo-Geo games.

But wait - what's that near the center of the photo, behind the Diners Club logo? It's the Famicom Disk System logo! Although this store once had a Disk Writer kiosk and sold FC games, their stock is long gone and they're now using that logo as a holder for credit card logos... My disappointment was deep and profound.