Mike Jones was protected from evil by the Southern Cross in StarTropics - would it protect me from the Sony Playstation?

I began my journey here, at the central railstation in Tokyo. Since I'm not rich enough to take the shinkansen bullet train (why do you think I'm collecting old games), I took the night bus to Kobe which costs about 8500 yen one way. I left at about 11 pm and arrived at 7 in the morning. The bus was actually more spacious than the JAL flight I originally took to Tokyo, but I couldn't sleep anyway - I was too busy reading the strategy guide for Xevious I found the day before.

I was a little worried about my chances of finding things in Kobe, although that wasn't the main point of going there (or so I said to myself). The 1994 earthquake may have meant that all the city's Famicom stock was lost, or something... As it turned out I had very little to worry about.