Let's get off of Chuo doori for now - the electronics bit of it ends at an intersection, with a big red building housing a Chinese-goods shop.

To the left of the main street - the opposite side of MediaLand - is a wide variety of side streets, where once again a bit of the old spirit of Akiba lives on in the small electronic parts and used-computer shops populating here. Wander around long enough and you might even find this small shrine, just a stone's throw away from Onoden and other noisy stores.

We are in Japan after all, why don't we ring the bell, summon the gods, and pray for devine benevolence in our Famicom journey? We need all the help we can get, what with all the other collectors lurking about...

You can get some relaxation at the coffee shops nearby, and Game One, a large games-only bookstore and software shop, is also hard to miss. Here you can grab issues of the Akiba-scene-based game magazines like Game Lab, Used Games and Our Opinions! Game Hihan (Game Critic). Grab a Final Fantasy III guidebook and read it at the coffee shop over an overpriced dog 'n' ice cocoa. My idea of a Sunday afternoon.