You want a taste of what the real Akihabara can bring you? Try finding this little street, somewhere nearby the JR station exit. Try to avoid any Japanese ladies with clipboards trying to talk to you, though. They're evil!! (and they want money)

Just left of center in this photo is a shop which I don't know if it has a name or not, but it just rocks. It's got the perfect atmosphere: TV blasting, floorspace just big enough for two customers to stand in, old lady behind a cash register looking at you, and (presumably) her husband sitting on a stool in the corner, playing Columns on Game Gear of all things. I have never ever ever seen this elderly person playing anything other than Columns on his Game Gear. I didn't realize it was that addicting a game. When Atari said "It is the 90s and there is time for Klax", I don't think they meant that you were supposed to play it for the entire decade.

Anyway, in one display case they have lots of overpriced Famicom goods; they've obviously been taking lessons from MediaLand down the street. One or two new things always come in and sometimes there are things worth buying, but mostly what you see is things like Famicom Tantei Club for 8000 yen. A couple of the Japan-only Virtual Boy games are here too, for around 4000 yen each. You want me to get them for you? What's that? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (heh)

I especially recommend coming out here on the weekends, when the side store (covered with corrugated metal in this picture) is opened and the old man and his wife start selling porno videos for 1500 yen each! What a bargain! This is what I came to Japan for!