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Reaction to the Earthbound Sale

From: Dan Iglesia
Subject kenny brooks

Dude that is some serious fucked up shit. I've tried bidding in some of
that guys auctions on ebay and bid  really high cause i really wanted a
game...only to find that I didn't meet his reserve. If I end up  being
the winner he doesn't even return e-mails regarding on whether he's
still willing to sell it.  So this stuff involving Earthbound is just so
typical of that scumbag.

From: John V. Matthews, III
Subject Earthbound and whatnot

Well, I read your rant on your main page and that first part had me in
stitches.  Anyway, I understand how you feel about the whole thing, and
I have to wonder how much of a videogame player good ol' Kenny Brooks
is.  I can understand needing to buy a house and all, but I don't think
he's ever come across as anything but arrogant on the ngs and the one
time I emailed him about getting together and playing games (since I
think he lives relatively near me) he didn't really act very friendly,
IIRC.  Anyway, thanks for the late-night laugh.  As always, I enjoy
coming to your page...

And finally, from the buyer and current owner of the cart himself:

From: Andy DeRouin
Subject NES Earthbound

I'm the buyer of the "famed" Earthbound Prototype.  It's costing me plenty,
but to me, it's worth it.  I will care for it well, believe me.  Feel free
to send me any e-mail.  I hope, however, the e-mails won't be criticizing.

It's not the high price it went for that I was annoyed about; it was the way that Mr. Brooks pimped out the cart for all the cash he could get out of it that irked me. I hope you enjoy the cart, Andy.

An aside

From: Jason S

Your thing on taking a shit was fucking hilarious.

Why, thank you! I will be sure to include much more shit-related humor on my web page from now on. Look out for such new articles as "Shit", "Playing NES Games while Shitting", "Where do Video Game Characters Go to Take a Shit?" [btw - the answer to this question is obvious - the bathroom in The Last Ninja], and "Smearing Shit on your NES Games".

Peroxide Mocha - official band of the NES

From: Corey Miles
Subject Peroxide Mocha

Hey... Great site...

Just wanted to send you a link to my band's page
Peroxide Mocha - http//www.olypen.com/cmiles/permo/


OK, thanks for the link. I suppose. ... Oh, did you want me to do something with it? OK; I will make your band, Peroxide Mocha, the official band of the NES on two conditions:

  1. Quit misspelling "weird" on your page
  2. Make an electrothrash baby bullshit tune about how awesome Mickey Mousecapade is


Total Intellivision freaks

   I was recently at the AMC Flea Market Mall (quite possibly the 
scarriest and least sanitary place on the planet) and I was anble to 
pick up a box of 25 assorted intellivision carts still in thier package, 
still shrinkwrapped, for $15 (I'm guessing they were the spoils of a 
store closeout whent the intelivision went bust). After taking the dupes 
for myself, I went to one of the NES contacts I've made since I started 
collecting, who also happens to be a total intelivision freak. I traded 
the 20 carts that were left and my collection of colordreams/wisdom tree 
1)action 52 (ugggg. I thought you were exaggerating!)
2)"this weird cart thing and these seven games that fit in it" as he 
described it.

That "wierd cart thing" was, of course, the Aladdin Deck Enhancer Which 
I first read about oon your page) and those "seven games that fit in it" 
were it's ENTIRE LIBRARY! I sort of felt like I was ripping him off,but 
he seemed excited about his intelevision carts, and he was getting 
menace beach AND bible adventures, so I didn't feel too bad.

Dizzy could take all of the Cheetahmen anyday. 

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who's a "total Intellivision freak" deserves what's coming to him gamewise. They can have their crappy sports games and unuseable 16-direction controller, man. :) I disagree about Dizzy winning against the Cheetahmen, though. For one simple reason: The Cheetahmen have weapons and Dizzy is an egg for chrissakes. You could open up Dizzy and kill him just by bonking him against the rim of a bowl once or twice.

A public service message

From: Jagman
Subject Tecmo 98!....

Did you know that this one person named "Sixman" Is totally updating the old
Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES?  He is adding all updated stats, plays,
helmets, colors, teams, etc.  I think that is awesome.  Because that is the
best Football game ever made.   The website is http//medt.com/~wrandall/
There isnt much there, but he has some pictures and things.  Also he left a
few posts on the tecmo message board
I just think that is great.

Mail... from the void

From: Henry Krinkle
Subject What are the chances? 

Since i love your site so, i bothered to read EVERYTHING and that
includes MOST of the viewer mail you have posted. I came across this one
you titled "A little something from the ladies". You see, i went through
reading it, not thinking the email was that interesting until i saw that
comment of yours about Fabio and him being in a TV ad (Ok ok ok now I
really think you should make that video collection of all the
commercials, etc you have. I think that's a great idea, and i'd pay a
pretty good amount for it. But yes yes, i know you're THINKING about
it...). Actually, what really got my attention was when you said "Wanker
isn't an AOL dirty word? I'm impressed!" (yeah, it is surprising isn't
it, they have over 50 words that are banned) I thought, could it be?
Could it be Wanker99 from AOL that sent this?? so i hurried up the
scroll bar and read where it said who it was from! haha! i couldn't
believe it! wanker99 was an old friend of mine i met on the net. I
haven't talked to him in probably a year. I mean, i was never really
that great of friends with him, but what are the chances?!?! Isn't that
great!!?!? I sent him an EMAIL TOO!! And this was all through your
site!!! Now i really know your site is the best NES site out there!!
this is fucking fact! I can't believe this!! i'm going to throw a

Oh my god!!!!!@!!@#^%@^%#^%$^&*$ That is incredibly inbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to throw a party over here too!!!!!!!! Is Wanker99 invited?????????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? i better watch out that he doesnt wank all over my room11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$%

From: Josh Dawson
Subject question



Are you really He-Man, Master of the Universe? If so, then why are you using WebTV? I mean, it's hardly a very manly way to access the internet. I bet this is really the evil Skeletor impersonating He-Man in order to try and discover my dark secret! Well, you evil monger, you can't defeat me that easily! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! [jumps out window]

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