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Paging the chocobo

From: mike "bob" bruner
Subject 50,000 hit prize

If M. Chocobo doesn't pick it up, can I have it?

Sure. However, you'll have to come over here (no, I won't supply airfare, and no, I'm not gonna make it easy for you by providing an address) and personally extract the coloring book from behind my desk, which is where I think it is. Not that I've checked there. But, I mean, how many places can it go?

Maybe my roommate stole it. I dunno.

I get my pix from Hustler

From: Tim Terkildsen
Subject Pics

     Hey, I was just wondering were you find all your cool pics for your 
web page. I am starting up my own page dedicated to the 8-bit Nintendo 
and am having trouble finding good pictures.If you could help, please 
email at xxxxx_xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx.

Where do I find 'em? Usually:

  1. I make 'em myself
  2. Some guy mails me saying "Dude, I have this awesome thing, wanna scan?" and I'm like "sure"
  3. I needle some guy I know has something I'd like a pic of until he finally scans it

In short, nothing mystical and exciting. Although it's really beginning to turn into 1 and 3 before 2, thanks to the sheer number of people making their own Geocities NES pages.

Hot pix and videos, 18 and over only

From: Matt Rouse
Subject I guess this is kinda rare nowadays...
	2. I don't know if you've said "NO!" to this before, but I didn't
       see it mentioned anywhere.  You have some NES commercials 
       screen-captured and sampled on your page.  Would you ever
       consider compiling them onto a video tape and selling it?
       I'm sure the quality would be terrible since VHS tapes don't
       hold up well after more than 3 or 4 generations of copying, 
       but I wouldn't mind one bit.  If it's absolutely out of the
       question, then never mind...  But if not, I'd try to make it
       worth your while financially.

This actually isn't the first time I've been asked. In fact, people have offered me everything from games to anime to bootleg Titanic tapes for those commercials. However, I don't really have any plans to trade out the stuff yet, for the simple fact that I have neither the time nor the resources to do tape copying.

I've thought more than once of producing a "compilation tape" of commercials and one or two of the tip videos featured on my page, complete with graphics and so forth, and then sell them at cost as a service to NES-Land. However, so far it's really just a "yeah, wouldn't that be cool" thought in my mind. I'd need a lot more resources and time, and help, than I have here. Still, you never know what the future holds...

As a side note, the quality on the commercials really aren't bad at all; my total thanks to Robert Ferguson again for compiling the brunt of what I have.

A little something for the ladies

From: Wanker99
Subject a bit of seemingly useless information

I didn't see Iron Sword (Wizards and Warriors II) in your gamelist, and I
thought I'd point out (if someone hasn't before) that everyoine's favorite
romance novel poster boy Fabio is on the game, posing as our hero. The first
time I noticed it, I laughed my ass off "I can't believe it's not
battah"....anyway, if you want me to scan the cover, I'll be happy to.

Two things:

  1. You think the box art is silly; have you ever seen the TV ad? Fabio stars in that, too! And where is he now? I bet he only wishes he could get jobs like the Ironsword cover nowadays!
  2. "Wanker" isn't an AOL dirty word? I'm impressed!

Emu mail of the week

From: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx
Subject emulator

Do you have an emulator??

In my pants!

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