Title: Druid
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Firebird Software
Released by: Jaleco
Date: March 3, 1988
Japanese level: 2
MSRP: 3200 yen
Current Price: 500 yen

Come with me, my friend, on a journey to times unknown, when evil magic still ruled the veiled land, a cruel, desperate time when there was only one rugged magician - a Druid - that could save the world with his power...

Druid was originally made for the Commodore 64 by Firebird, an outfit in Britain that was started by British Telecom and then sold to some jobbie or another. C64 freaks might remember the great music in this and the sequel, none of which is in this Jaleco Disk System port.

The game is essentially a Gauntlet clone with a few new ideas thrown in for good measure. You have three offensive magics at your disposal (fire, water, lightning) and you need to find ammo for all of them, as well as various other treasures and items. Later on you can also find a golem and have him do some fighting for you as well. All in all not too terrible, but nothing incredibly remarkable.

Unfortunately this game doesn't work well with FWNes - the status panel isn't displayed and the game scrolls weirdly. Time to break out ye olde famicom.exe...