• Ahhh! Real monster - You can turn into a "monster" simply by holding Up and Down, or Left and Right, at the same time. You can do this on a real FC by plugging in a joystick and pressing one direction on the stick and the other on controller 1.

  • Tons of items - You'll need a joystick that can select controller 1 or 2 to do this trick. Start a 2 player game, pause, and use B to select the item you want to have lots of. Hold down Left on controller 1 and Up/Right on the joystick, unpause, and immediately hit B on controller 1 to use the item. If done correctly, you'll suddenly have 15 of the item. In other words, you're moving the number of items from 0 back to 15. Naturally, you can only do this when you have 0 of an item.