We spent two days in Kyoto, visiting the major temples and such. This being Kyoto, you'll want to eat at Japanese restaurants if you're rich and yakisoba or ramen joints if you're a student. I especially recommend the latter if you:
  • Enjoy down-to-earth Japanese food
  • Enjoy down-to-earth and ugly female shopkeepers
  • Enjoy being praised on your prowess at using chopsticks

I was hugely embarassed at one ramen joint when I sucked in some noodles too quickly and choked on them while the shopkeeper was making small talk with me. So, while my conversation partner thought I wasn't answering because I didn't understand her, I was busy barfing noodles. There are better ways to spend lunch at Kyoto.

Anyway, this picture is taken in the Teramachi area of Kyoto, which has a small area of electronics stores that don't have anything special. One store had the above sign, blaring "CHUUKO FAMICOM SOFT TAKAKU KAIMASU" (we buy used Famicom games for high prices). Such signs actually aren't that uncommon recently, as more stores begin to feature used-games sections.