Ready for some action? It's all here, baby! Sen is a character that refers to war and fighting in 'em, and it is combined with other characters to become all sorts of words. First off is senki, a word that literally means "military record" but can be used in Japanese much the same way densetsu is:

Radia senki, a cool action rpg from Tecmo

Venus senki from Varie/Bandai

Also used often is senshi - "fighter" or "warrior". Senshi abound in goofy RPGs and action games,
and the player always takes their role for some reason.

Algos no senshi from Tecmo - any NES freak can guess what the game was called in America

SD Gundam Gachapon senshi 2 - Capsule senki, a really silly-ass strategy game

Another sen - Senjo no ohkami (Battlefield Wolf) from Capcom. Released in the US as Commando, which is a good thing because the NES version plays more like a battlefield chihuahua

What's this? It's not a sen game, it's Yonnin uchi mahjong from Hudson Soft. That penis-looking thing is actually the character for "person"; the game is "Four-player mahjong". Sorry to douse your libido.

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