The wonderful, pervolectic Messe Sanoh. Why did I take a picture of this place? I forgot... Oh, right, I did get a Hacker game or two here.

Messe Sanoh, like Sofmap, has several stores in the local vicinity, each specializing in its own thing - used games, new games, import stuff, doujinshi, or whatnot. There are a few stores along the street specializing in porno manga and doujinshi, and Messe has its fair share of this. Head for Messe Sanoh III, which has overpriced Windows software and Fami joysticks on the first floor and overpriced Famicom software (but cheap Disk System software) on the second floor. Not to mention clerks who try everything possible to stop foreigners from buying Famicom games - I have an idea that a long time ago someone bought a Fami game, realized they couldn't play it on their NES, and did something really bad to the store's staff. I had to convince the clerk that yes, I knew what a Famicom is and yes, I will not try to use it in the US, and so on. Oh well.

The Famicom selection is mostly high-priced goods, and mostly early-era software in pristine condition. They rarely bother to take in software that will sell in the 1000 yen range, and the walls have posters inviting people to sell things like the cartridge Castlevania and Ufouria to them for lots of cash. Messe seems to have more porno Disk System software than other stores, usually, so give this place a shot first if you're looking for That Kind Of Thing. If you've got a hard-on for the Final Fantasy series, you can find the 2-in-1 combo cart Final Fantasy I-II here for 6800 yen or so - not far below the original retail price.

By the way - hey, look, people driving on the left side of the road! Neat, huh?