Wow, MediaLand's high prices are making my head spin! Let's go behind the store for some relaxation..

In what should seem strange for anyone visiting the electronics capital of the universe, there's a fairly large bit of asphalt here used for not much at all. There's a playground for the kiddies, some benches, a basketball court or two and a wide open space that's occasionally rented by stores for special events and such.

So once you've arrived in Akiba for the first time, entered one or two stores, given a few yellowish brown bills marked "10000 YEN" to smiling young women, and realized you've already spent too much cash, you can sit down here and wonder what made you come here in the first place.

And there's your answer up there - a giant Konami sign (I helpfully drew an arrow so's you don't miss it). Giving inspiration to many a beleagered video-game fan, this sign lights up in the evening and the logo flits vertically in and out through the sign. In short, you can't help but feel a little happier that your Famicom insanity helped a little to bring about the video game industry of today - an industry that makes millions, influences the minds of kids across the world, and can afford big light-up signs in Akihabara.