One of the lesser-talked about, but IMO coolest things about pirate hardware are the light guns that they come with. Although some are plain ripoffs of Nintendo's Zapper, some - as you can see here - are way too accurate for their own good.

This console, shaped sort of like the redesigned Genesis and sporting separate cart ports for NES and Famicom software, is more or less well made. However, you have to insert NES carts label-side back, as in the picture, in order for them to work (similar to what you have to do with FC carts if you're using an adapter on a NES).

But check out that gun! I have a feeling that the Asian manufacturer happened to have a warehouse full of cheap toy M-16s and decided to use them as game accessories. How else can you explain the fact that the gun has 3 separate detachable parts, a gunsight, and is meant to be held with 2 hands? It's pretty useless (unless you're trying to get a virtual reality experience playing Operation Wolf) but it's still amazing to see the heights to which NES piracy has come.

As an aside, the console has a 7500-in-1 game ROM included inside, which features (as you might expect) a version of Mortal Kombat and about 16 other run-of-the-mill games.

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