I don't know exactly how many of these trophies were released by Hasbro. Six different types were announced at the start (all having a Super Mario Bros. theme) but trophies featuring motifs from different games, like Zelda and Punch-Out!! are also floating around.

Sold for a whopping $1.99 each, these cheap 4-inch plastic figurines were meant as "trophies" to be given to your kid after he/she has made some amazing Nintendo show of prowess (beating your dad for the thousandth time in Balloon Fight, for example, or finishing SMB). On the base is a sticker where you can put your name, the high score and the date you achieved the score; a replacement sticker also came in the box should you beat your own record.

Upon release, six different trophies were sold:

Beyond that, it's unclear how many other trophies were released. Anyone with more information? I like to call the above one "Mac beats the crap out of King Hippo" (although the boxes for these things give unwieldy names of their own to the trophies). Below is the equally aptly named "Gibdo Attacks Link", and one called "Link Boomerangs a Gohma" has also been found. (what's a Gibdo?) A few others, some of which are Canadian versions with French and English writing: