Most of the NES-era pins that were released stem from this series of at least 18 pins from Ace Novelty Company. As you can see the pins are merely metallic versions of some familiar SMB and Zelda clip art, but one can't deny their coolness on a cap or backpack or something. And imagine if you ran into Howard Phillips (or Howard Lincoln, for that matter) on the street and he saw you sportin' these babies! Now you're playing with power, baby!

Pictured below are six from the "Series A" of 18 pins. I know there was a Princess Toadstool pin besides the ones below, but does anyone have a complete list?

No.11, Mario w/motorcycle
No.5, Mario w/hammer

No.6, Mario-profile
No.10, Mario w/skateboard

No.1, Mario-standing
No.16, Koopa Paratroopa

No.14, Piranha Flower
No.4, Luigi-running

No. ??, Link