In 1989, Topps published two different sets of Nintendo trading cards - sixty scratch-off game cards, and thirty cards with stickers on them. I have a bunch out of each set, and I really want to use some of the stickers, but I don't have any extras! The cards are all based on four games: Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Double Dragon.

Here's a picture of a set-up display for these cards.

The first two cards shown are scratch-off game cards. No, there wasn't a contest; the object was simply to "win" by scratching off the correct spots on the card. Game rules are usually along the lines of "Find 3 sword strikes to win; find 3 fireballs and you lose". Not quite as exciting as playing the actual Nintendo game, but a whole lot cheaper. Also note that the two cards below were kind of badly cut.

The sticker series are quite a bit cooler. Basically, they feature the now-familiar Nintendo clip-art from the four games. Although some of the images are pretty terrifying (the mug-shot-stickers of the Punch-Out characters spring to mind) some are really well made, and if I wasn't such a dork I'd be slapping them on my backpack or computer or something. The back side of the sticker cards contained really lame game hints for the four games. Ssssssh, here's an insider tip for Double Dragon: "Since you are dealing with a variety of enemies, kicks and punches should be thrown in different combinations." Ooooh!

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