This was one of the last Wisdom Tree games, and it's actually kind of ambitious - one might even go so far as to call it the best Color Dreams game (like that's saying a lot). At least, the game has what could be defined in some circles as "music", unlike previous tries.

The game is basically a Zelda clone. You go around the landscape, hitting people with "Fruits of the Spirit" which are supposed to represent Honesty or Faith or something like that and, check this out, when you hit an enemy (which all look like generic pirates or insane people or something like that) they go down on their knees and start praying before disappearing from the screen. Those Fruits are powerful!

As the game goes on, you explore several differently-themed places, including the city, the park (where you start), the shipyard, the junkyard-or-something, and so forth. At one point, you come across a bar in the city. There's an angel or something nearby that warns you to not enter the bar, and if you do anyway, you find out that there's nothing there except another angel who takes away those dove thingies which represent money in this game. Sigh...

Every now and then, as you play, an angel floats by. If you can catch him you get to show how smart and pious you are by answering five multiple-choice questions, all of which are kind of like this. If you can get all five of them right, of course, the bonuses just skyrocket.

I can't really seem to get into this game (and not just because it makes me barf). It's extremely open-ended, for one thing; you can pretty much explore the entire joint and not find too much interesting stuff except for more "enemies". I wonder how it ends - do you go into a decisive battle with Satan? What's the plot of the game, anyway?

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