Here's a dealer demo cart for World Champ, a lame-o boxing game from Romstar.

Have you ever wondered how video game magazines always reviewed games that just came out two days ago when their lead time is usually a month or two? Well, if they're GamePro or some other magazine I don't like, they lie a lot and hope the information magically comes true. But, if they were a good magazine of the Nintendo era like Video Games & Computer Entertainment, they would ask the game company for a demo cart just like this one for review purposes. Technically speaking the magazine is supposed to return the cart after they're finished reviewing but sometimes they don't and then some guy finds it at a pawn shop or something, as is the case of this cart.

As the label states, the game here is the exact same as the released version of World Champ. Note the white-out and the crossed-out words, I guess they re-used this label several times.

Pic: Jay Tilton

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