Operation: Secret Storm, from Color Dreams.

Color Dreams' most unplayable game by far was this one. You play an elite trooper for the US government sent in to help with the Gulf War (hey, remember that? some neat "war" it was..). Our trooper bops around all of Iraq, defeating stereotype Arab soldiers, bald eagles (?!?!?) and some gun toting chicks. Not that you have a gun or anything; your type of combat is hand-to-hand, so I guess your object is to kill every member of the Iraqi army, from all the grunts up to Saddam himself.

The game itself is really pretty crap, by the way. It's side-view fighting action with horrible, messy graphics and no sound worth remembering. Even if you had the ability to get all the way to the end (it's also kind of difficult without cheating), you would get so bored of the game that you'd quit after about two screens.

Pic: Pete Rocha

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