Mega Man 2 (Ellen Miles)

Since this one is meant for an even younger audience, it's even cheesier than the other books (if you can imagine that). Mega Man, via some kind of an accident, is converted from robot into human by Dr. Light, just before he has to take off and defeat Dr. Wily and stuff.

He goes through all the levels. The dialogue in this book is all extremely horrible; it's enough to make you vomit. You can imagine Mega Man speaking in this really high squeaky voice throughout the book. Plus, there's a scene where Dr. Light actually gets worried about Mega Man getting hurt ("Well.. It just seems like each superrobot is more dangerous than the one before. And each of them has so many helpers! I'm worried about you.")

Eventually, of course, Dr. Wily is jailed. Dr. Light offers to turn Mega Man back into a robot, but natually he refuses, since being human rocks and so on.

Rating: 8/10

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