It struck me while I was making these pictures that whoever made this game didn't really know too much English (yeah, took a lot of ability to figure that one out, huh). They managed to spell "cherry" correctly on this woman, but they still don't seem to use it in any way that makes sense.

Here we get introduced to Two Nickel Nancy, probably the sassiest of the three girls in this cart. You can tell this right off because of the heart tattoo on her arm and that cigarette she's carrying.

Shot #2 may look like an entirely different woman, but believe me, it's still Nancy. This is probably the nicest illustration in the entire game, as she shows us her uniform for her night job as a French maid. I'm beginning to wonder about that cigarette. It doesn't seem to be lit; does she just use it as a fetish accessory, or it really just a wooden dowel or something?

And finally, in a shot recycled from another girl, Nancy shows off exactly what the $450 you just managed to win means to her. She still has that damn cigarette! She should really try to kick that habit before her teeth turn yellow!