Here are several selections from the Nintendo Power catalog which was bundled with one early issue of NP or another. In this catalog you can basically find anything you could possibly desire! Pictured above, a selection of Super Mario Bros. plastic cups filled with pencils with Mario's head substituting for the eraser! Man, if this doesn't excite you then you better check for a pulse!

And here, we have a cheapo tabletop pinball game. You've probably had a pinball like this; I've just bought "Tomy Galactic Arcade" from a little boy at a garage sale for $3. It's boring but it makes all kinds of fun sounds, and it's great for annoying people.

Here, the catalog invites you to "catch the spotlight" with Mario with this portable radio/tape player, complete with microphone so you can sing along with all the great stars of the Nintendo era, like Madonna and Wham! and Duran Duran and The Bangles and Cyndi Lauper (creator of that cool Goonies tune, as we all know).

If all this isn't enough to make all of your friends just squeal with delight, then why not dazzle them some more by going out sporting this snappy racing jumpsuit? You will be king of the playground in no time! (assuming it still fits you)

Pics: Astro|bot

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