#4: Castlevania ][: Simon's Quest (Christopher Howell)

Tim Bradley likes playing Castlevania, from Konami (yeah, it says so in the book) although his mother thinks he gets into the games a bit too much. Be sure to watch out for the hilarious scene where he gives a girl he has a crush on "some good tips on where to get discount rates on video game cartridges" (try the thrift shoppe, lady).

At his junior high school, he gets transported to Castlevania thanks to Simon Belmont. He explains to Tim that since Dracula is slowly taking over his body, he has to collect all of Dracula's body parts and kill Dracula all over again.

I don't like this one too much, for a couple of reasons. One, it doesn't bother following the game at all (I guess that was too much for the author to follow). Second, it tries to have a "funny" tone and totally fails. Tim cracks all sorts of stupid jokes and none of them work at all. Tim also has a thing for chocolate for some reason; a habit which he kicks in the course of the story. Also, the story tries to have a "theme" of sticking up for yourself (since Tim battles all of these goblins during the book but has trouble facing the bully at his school). But - Argh!!! None of it works! Please avoid this book!

Rating: 6/10

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