#8: Before Shadowgate (Ellen Miles, "based on story line and characters created" by David R. Marsh & Karl A. Roelofs)

This is the last and imo the worst Worlds of Power book Scholastic made. It's pretty obvious that they took some lame kiddie fantasy novel and shoehorned it into the format; it has basically nothing to do with Shadowgate except there's the one wizard dude named Lakmir and one main evil dude named The Warlock King.

Plus, someone got busy with the airbrush for the cover; take out your Shadowgate game pak and see how many differences you can find. In an attempt to assure parents that the figure on the cover is definitely not Satan, they got rid of the statue's horns and made the tail less pointed (in the original label art the end of the tail was basically triangular; here, it's rounded off).

The story itself is about a little kid named Jairen who goes on a quest or something since he's really the future king of the world. He is accompanied by some silly little elf or something, as well as a generic gallant wise swordsman type. Like Mega Man ][ he makes a lot of silly statements that make you cringe despite the fact that he's just a kid. Overall it's a giant disappointment, especially since I was looking forward to this one.

Rating: 3

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