Once you get right down to it, all FC/NES multicarts are essentially the same. They have label art ripped off of a bunch of games (this one uses art from Adventure Island, Starship Hector and the Japanese version of The Legend of Kage, along with a somewhat amusing rendition of Tetris), they tend to all have the same set of games (this one has 53 distinct games and 11 "super" versions of the same games), and so on. This one is, like, a generic multicart. It's made by Supervision, which has a long history of piracy all the way back to the days of the Atari 2600.

Here's the game list:

1. Islander (Adventure Island with Japanese title)
2. Grading (Gradius)
3. Star Soldier
4. Goonies (the original one, not The Goonies II)
5. Legendry (The Legend of Kage)
6. Tetris 2 (Tengen Tetris)
7. Bros II (Super Mario Bros.)
8. Twin Bee
9. Ninja 2
10. City Conect (City Connection)
11. B-Wings
12. 1942
13. Spartan (Japanese version of Kung Fu)
14. Bomber Man
15. Front Line
16. Lunar Ball (Japanese version of Lunar Pool)
17. Golf
18. Baseball
19. Pinball
20. Chess (actually Shogi, but who cares)
21. Lode Runner
22. Lode Runner 2
23. Mahjong 2
24. Mahjong 4
25. Nuts and Milk
26. Macross (cool o)
27. Star Force
28. Kung-Fu (Yie Ar Kung Fu)
29. Ninja 1
30. Pipeline (Mario Bros.)
31. Big Apes 1 (Donkey Kong)
32. Big Apes 2 (Donkey Kong Jr.)
33. Big Apes 3 (Donkey Kong 3)
34. Mappy (not Mappy-Land)
35. Excite Bike
36. F-1 Race
37. Road Fighter
38. Popeye
39. Galaga
40. Pac-Man
41. Galaxian
42. Ice Climber
43. 1989 Exerion
44. Wrestle (Japanese version of M.U.S.C.L.E.)
45. Battle City
46. Sky Destroyer
47. Balloon Fight
48. Formation Z
49. Pooyan
50. Circus Troupe (Circus Charlie)
51. Karateka
52. Super Arabia (Arabian)
53. Antarctic (Antarctic Adventure)
54. Super Galaxian (your shots are speeded up)
55. Super Pac Man (speeded up)
56. Super Tank 1 (Battle City, more shots allowed on screen at same time)
57. Super Tank 2 (Battle City, seems to be the same thing)
58. Super Star Force (start with more firepower)
59. Super Kong 3 (start with more firepower)
60. Super Bomber Man (can't see any difference)
61. Super Pooyan (shots are speeded up)
62. Super Grading (start with pretty much everything)
63. Starsoldier 2 (more firepower)
64. Fast Bros. (SMB with you always in running mode)
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