This is a loaner cart of Motor City Patrol, (c) 1991 Matchbox, and the only game they actually released for the NES, although they announced quite a few more. Some announced games I can remember offhand include Web World, a slightly odd Qix-like game, Tune-Up Rallye, a generic racing game, some monster truck simulator, and Urban Convoy, a trucking sim (oooh, sounds like loads of fun there). None of these ever saw the light of day, and the only evidence of their existence are in the screenshots Matchbox released. Those screenshots are a little suspect though; they don't look like they came from a NES. They look more like someone just drew up some "screenshots" on PC Paintbrush and submitted those. To see what I mean, check the back of the book Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Strategies Volume 2 (I think).

Anyway, this cart is the same as the release version; the label is totally different, of course.

Pic. Mike Etler

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