Okay, not entirely true. What happened was, a dude on #rgvc named Ted Brunner went to Greece for the summer and found some pirate Famicom stuff (among other things). In general, it seems that anyplace except for the USA is an excellent place to find pirate carts; I've thought more than once about hopping in the car and driving about 11 hours until I hit Mexico.

Here's the first exhibit. Yes, you read right - this cart contains 9,700,700 games. Amazing, huh? Makes you wonder what the "BS" stands for.. Of course, there are probably about 9,699,990 repeats, but such is the price of so many fun game variations! Since I always believe in saving the best for last, I put this one first, so...
Exhibit II, Mortal Kombat V 1996 Turbo 30 characters, is more interesting. Certainly you've heard of games like Street Fighter II being released for the NES by pirate companies.. well, here is Mortal Kombat for your Famicom! I wish I could get my hands on something like this... I'll have to cajole Ted into buying a Snappy or something so he can supply some screenshots.
1995 Super HIK 4in1 is definitely the most interesting of the carts. What I thought would be just another multi turns out to be way cooler. Tetris is Tetris, and Revolution Heroes is some shooter or another, but what about those other two? Mortal Kombat II is a different game from the cart above, and Mario & Sonic 2... well...

The label art for Mario & Sonic 2 is the epitome of lame pirate label art. Here we see Mario in one of his Game Boy incarnations, Tails painted blue, another Tails to the side, and finally Chip from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers jumping down from somewhere. The game itself is simply Rescue Rangers 2 with the sprites changed accordingly. What a letdown from the label!

Here is the box to one of the games. This is actually the back of the box; I also have a scan of the front side, featuring the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for some reason. The back of the box is neat for a reason: it shows pictures of various pirate Famicom systems (to show which of the pirate's consoles this game is "compatible" with, I suppose). A couple of these (the Terminator-2, the Action Set) have been shown off over at NES World.

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