This is the best (in terms of quality) NES multicart I've seen so far; 76 games with zero repeats whatsoever! The cart itself (misaligned label and all) is from Supervision, of course, and has a warning in Chinese and English on the back. And I even got it boxed! I didn't make out too bad the day I got this one. The box art is extremely silly; check out the boxer's arm!

Here's a pic of the main menu system. Beyond this are the pages with each of the individual games. If you can find a cart like this it's definitely worth shelling out some cash for; 76 original games, including all the NES/Famicom classics and some you've definitely never seen before, in one cart, is nothing to sniff at. A game list is forthcoming (I typed it up once and HotDog then crashed on me), but pretty much every game you could think of being on a perfect multi is here.

Pix: |tsr

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