Would it not be great to live in Japan or Hong Kong or Taiwan or something? Sure, it could be kind of hectic, but god knows there are no shortage of two of the things I hold most dear to my life - FAMICOM GAMES!!! and WEIRD PIRATE CRAP!!!!!

In any case, in this page you can check out a few examples of weird pirate Famicom/NES systems that have been put out by various Hong Kong manufacturers. Hold on to your butts..

SGT-6002A, SGT-6072A, SGT-7202A
All three of these were made by the same manufacturer. The first one is a 60-pin Famicom clone, and the last one is a 72-pin NES clone. The second one is the weird one - it claims to house both 60-pin and 72-pin games, and that does look like another cart ridge slot on the back of the unit...

A controller and a lightgun
These are a couple of neato accessories. The controller looks like it was converted from the standard SFC/SNES controller with "turbo" buttons where the X and A buttons would be. The lightgun is k-rad remote control style. That and it looks more like a police issued instrument, so you can pretend better that you're actually in the game rather than using some stupid space phasor thingy.

Attractive pirate Famicom
It's nice to know that someone out there cared enough to put some nice design into this one. Cool white color, mega weird octagonal controllers, ... too bad that blue background doesn't come with the set.

LT-906T, LT-909, LT-300, LT-906, LT-908A
Okay, one at a time here, in rank of coolness.. The company that made this started out packing their systems with "TURBO CONTROLLERS" and switched to the regular refurbished SFC controllers later on. The third and fifth pics are wireless systems (they basically "broadcast" the signal to your TV - I don't think the FCC would allow that very much...) The fourth pic is the non wireless version of the fifth, the first one shows a picture of - and this looks insanely cool - a TRANSPARENT Famicom clone, and the second pic - well, you try to figure out what the hell it is...

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