The cast:
Minami Yoko
Akasaka Yui
Kasai Noriko
Yamanaka Miho
Idol Shisen Mahjong is an unlicensed, semiporno Famicom game from a company called Hacker International.

Unlike in the US, there were virtually zero non-licensed companies like Tengen making Famicom games in Japan. This is mainly becuase Nintendo had an even tighter grip on the video-game industry in its home country than it did overseas. Of course, the only reason Hacker decided to make this unlicensed game was because it had pictures of nekkid chicks in it, but more on that later.

There are a handful of these sorts of games, made for pretty much every system since the Famicom (besides Nintendo's other systems). A company called City Man Technologies created several games similar to the Hacker vein for the Mega Drive. The gist of the games is the same - excel at some task the game gives you (gambling, mahjong, tetris) and get rewarded with pictures of chicks in various stages of undress.

This game was released around 1989 for 7800 yen (or about $50 at that time), and - here's the strange part - the game itself is none other than Tiles of Fate, from American Video Entertainment. The music's been changed, and the game shows girls instead of Chinese scenes between stages, but the game itself is exactly the same! This brings up a whole number of questions. Who originally created the Tiles of Fate game, anyway? The most plausible theory is that after going out of business, Hacker sold the game to AVE, but that's just a theory.

Here's a scan of the cart; check out those tapered sides. It's totally different from any other Famicom cart. Also check out that videocassette-shaped box above.

Like several other porno games like this, the four girls are actually based on real-life Japanese singers/actresses. The four girls here are based on (clockwise from top) Minamino Yoko, Asaka Yui, Sakai Noriko, and Nakayama Miho (who had her own Famicom Disk System game, Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School). They changed the names ever so slightly to get around pesky things like licensing.

There are a total of 8 pictures. Every 2 levels you complete, you get a picture of one of the four girls in some stage of [un]dress... and that's about the entire game. By the time you get to the third girl the levels start to get really difficult, so I haven't "completed" the game yet.. I also haven't bothered to show some screenshots since (a) I've already got enough porno on this page and (b) I don't have my TV set up right now. So there.

"You've never seen this kind of game before!!" from the back of the box

Hacker made a few other Famicom games, three of which were ported over to the NES by the now-infamous company Panesian. Both of these companies are somehow related to AVE as well, although how is not certain. This connection was discovered after noticing that Soap Panic from Hacker, Bubble Bath Babes from Panesian and Mermaids of Atlantis from AVE are all the same game (the last one without the porno images, of course).

In any case, Hacker FC games are among the hardest to find in Japan, with fewer than 30,000 of each game made. These Asian porno titles are lots of fun to collect, but I would not recommend them to those looking for a little "erotic fun"... =)

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