Galaxian was the first game in a loooong relationship Namco had with the Famicom. Only a few of its FC games were released in the USA, and then only via other companies like Bandai. Namco made over fifty Famicom games! Interesting to note that last spring, a game store in Japan was sighted that was having an auction featuring every Namco FC game, boxed and complete. The going price at the time of the sighting was in the $600 range.

How come they were all boxed? Namco's Famicom boxes were all designed for placing the cart in while not in use. The boxes look kinda like videocassette boxes, except they're sized to fit Famicom games. Also, if you look closely, you'll see that the front part of the box is what would normally be the back side of a videotape box; the edge which you open is on the left. Odd, huh?

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