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Galoob released these adapters, for free, upon the release of the new-style top loading NES in 1993. The top loading NES's cartridge port was somewhat narrower than the old-style NES's was, and the Game Genie used a slightly larger-width board than normal NES carts did. The result: Game Genies had to be really jammed into the NES to work, and were virtually impossible to get out.

As a result, Galoob sent these adaptors to anyone who called and complained to them. They kept on doing this until they dropped Genie support in early 1997, and as a result, these adaptors are fairly hard to find.

A cool story: In mid-1997, a major find of these adaptors were discovered at a thrift store in California. This adaptor is part of that find. At the thrift, there were approximately fifty of these adaptors, all stacked against the wall in plain white boxes. The price: $2. The guy who found them bought a bunch, but wasn't able to find as many buyers for them as he had hoped for, so he returned most of them, and they disappeared soon after.

I got 2 adaptors from that find and later gave one to a friend. I can't help but wonder if Galoob dumped their remaining adaptor inventory to that thrift store in California....

Thanks: WC gibson