The incredible strangeness continues. The above two pictures are of dealer demo carts from American Video Entertainment (F-15 City War, and Pyramid, respectively). Which in itself is not overly odd; there are other demo carts shown here that look cooler.

~~ Incredibly Odd Thing #1 ~~

These were found in Holland by a Dutch collector. What they were doing over there is anybody's guess. The collector got the carts from a friend of a friend, so there isn't any further explanation of their origin, unfortunately.

~~ Incredibly Odd Thing #2 ~~


These other two carts were also found at the time time. These look like Taiwan pirate labels at first glance, but looking closely reveals the logo of Joy Van, who made Master Chu & the Dunkard Hu and Metal Fighter for Color Dreams. AVE didn't release any of Joy Van's games, but the labels on these carts bear a fair resemblance to AVE releases F-15 City War and Double Strike. Those two games, though, were made by another Taiwanese company named Sachen. So the mystery continues, although it's indeed possible that Joy Van changed names to Sachen. In any case, an interesting piece of the AVE puzzle.

Thanks: kleinemans