Despite the odd looking, flickery title screen this is probably the most fun game of the lot on this cart. It's more-or-less a straight port of the classic game Make Trax, and was released on its own in FC cart format under the name Brush Roller.

If you haven't played Make Trax in an arcade or on MAME or somewhere, it's essentially a Pac-Man inspired game where you have to cover the entire board while avoiding a couple of lizard-like nasties. You can run over the enemy for points using the two brush-like slides in the middle of the screen. The point scoring method is a little odd - the first time you crush an enemy you get 1 (one) point. The second time is 2 points, the third time 4, the fourth time 8, and all the way through powers of 2, finally stopping at 9999 points. Not exactly orthodox, but a great incentive to just sit in the center of the screen racking up points.

After awhile, this other bug comes along and lays dots on the board which you have to pick up too. Also, there's the weird animated teddy bears and penguins on the side of the board to stare at. In short, how can you miss? It's quirky and fun to play.

Pix: |tsr

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