I just realized that most all of the games on this 6in1, while not pirates, still don't exactly exude original gameplay. Adam & Eve is a straight clone of Nintendo's Balloon Fight, complete with dreamy star background. The differences: instead of a rallying-type dude with smart-looking aeronautical gear, you're a dude in a fur (I suppose this represents the "Adam" element) with a balloon strapped to your head. You're fighting some evil happy-faced worms by popping their balloons and then their parachutes, upon which they start freaking out and die (as seen in the picture below). Dangers to you include sharp edges in the background, the worms landing on you, and a bird that comes out and drops spark-type things that bounce around the landscape. The only real feature this has that Balloon Fight didn't are the occasional pumps you find that blow up your balloon a bit.

This game isn't that bad, but it does get aggravating in ways that Nintendo's game didn't. The worms in this game have a bad tendency to float up to the very top of the screen, where you're simply not able to hurt them. This goes on for a while, and eventually the bird comes along and starts throwing crap around the level, making things too difficult before you've even killed one worm. Plus, Balloon Fight has the amazing, dream-like Balloon Trip mode, which no self-confident balloon game should dream of not including!

Defeated worm goes "BAAAAAAAAARF"

Undefeated worms annoy our hero

Pix: |tsr

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