You might have played this one before under different names - Capcom's official version is called Buster Bros., of which this is a pretty pale clone of. You start off with a peashooter and two big balloons. When you shoot the balloons they turn into several small ballons, which turn into even smaller balloons when you shoot those.. and so on. The object is to shoot all of these balloons until they're gone, hopefully before they lose momentum and drop so low that they become impossible to avoid bouncing around.

The problem with this version is that it apparantly takes place on Jupiter - the gravity is heavy as hell, and balloons are just barely passing over you just a few seconds after starting the level. In fact, I haven't even made it past Level 1 (not that I was inclined to play this for hours - none of the audiovisuals are above average, either).

Pix: |tsr

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