In this game you control the always-on-the-move Cosmos Cop, a flying robot who enjoys shooting various and sundry things in his way, including meteors, bits of metal that shoot at him, and evil aliens. He apparantly has a mission to somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure on the details.

As you can tell from the shots, this game is basically a Space Harrier clone - the view is behind the back of your super flying robot, who has both regular bullets and a limited supply of super smart-bomb mega final-blow bombs that he gets from the giant Ps that fly past him occasionally. The enemies that shoot at him are a little hard to target correctly at first, mainly becuase they all shoot bullets that spread into four separate shots. This throws you off but after a few minutes of play you get over it and if you're of average ability, you'll probably finish the game on one play.

Avoid those asteroids
The final boss

Pix: |tsr

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