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Getting warez

To tsr@atarihq.com
Subject Where to get...

Hi there!!
I just recently bought a NES second hand so I could play some of the old 
clasics the way they were ment to be played.  Let's face It.  Most emulation 
sucks.  I was wondering if you had any suggestion for getting some old 
games for this thing.  I'm really looking for Contra, TMNT2 the arcade game 
and spyhunter.  I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

The first thing to do when first rediscovering the NES is to check out the mini-FAQ I've created on the subject. When it comes to relatively common games like TMNT 2 and Spy Hunter, the best route would probably be to head to your local Funcoland. They'll probably have them and I know it'll be cheap enough to get your NES jonz down. =)

Nintendo? Public service? No way

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Subject NES cards

Saw the scratch-off cards on the site...  I remember those)

Got me thinking...  Nintendo released a set of public service
cards a while back...  Ever see those?  There were a few cards
relating to fire saftey, etc. and the rest were picture cards with
**very** descriptive notes on the bottom.


Has anyone else seen these cards? They sound like the sort of thing passed around in schools in so forth, but I don't remember seeing any of them. They sound kind of.. hmm.. I don't think "cool" is the exact term I'm looking for, but anyway I'd like to see them. (heh)

I was bitten by a radioactive cockroach in my NES

To tsr@atarihq.com
Subject Hey, |tsr

Hey, it seems like you are a pretty avid collector.  Your site is the 
coolest man.  Anyways, how did you get started collecting?  I'm really 
into this stuff, I don't make a lot of money but I wanna start some sort 
of collection, do you have any suggestions for how I should start?

How did I get started collecting? It was a dark and dreary night. I was sitting in Howard Phillips' basement laboratory and game center, listening to him recount his Nintendo Power days. Suddenly, I fell over and a shelf full of chemicals fell upon me! I was turned into |tsr - with special powers to find the cheapest, rarest games, no matter where or when it is!

Actually, it was more like I noticed that Blockbuster was not going to renting NES games forever and decided to buy the ones I liked.. and it went on from there...

As for how to start, well.. it's a point I've said before, but it's always true. The key to any collecting-hobby is perseverence - hit the fleas or whatnot as often as you can, and don't get discouraged!

And now it's time for a sampling of Mail From The Void:

To tsr@atarihq.com
Subject roms

you say you have roms, but how do i download them is there a way too?
please thank you anthony govoni

To tsr@atarihq.com
Subject here

how do you get the save files so that you can save games?

To tsr@atarihq.com
Subject NEVER GO OUT!!!

Hi my name is Michael PlagianaKos the reason i caps the k is because I have
the book of Dietis & Demi gods.  I'm 11 years old and I just got out of Raven
Loft.  I started to play D&D at the age of 7 (all of my charicters got
thrashed by a gargoil) then when i turned 10 I went into Raven Loft so I guess
im playing AD&D now.  Now im going to the Abyss to resque a charicter from
don-jon (my D.M., Andy Lev, is a little crazy) so im pretty much bummin'.  Any
way, I'd like to mention that I worship Gary Gygax and that I was wondering
that if you have one of those rare complete boxes of the whole map of Grey
Hawk so you could put it on the internet somehow.  Also never ever EVER send
me the picture on the cover of the Manual Of The Planes because it gives me
nightmares. Also I'd like to mention that I'm on the book "The Time Of The
Twins" and pleas don't think I'm a nerd of this or something, k? And also I
would like to keep in touch with you all.  See ya!

I wonder if I would attract a broader audience if I ran |tsr's TSR archive... nah, I suppose that TSR would just sue me, then. Sorry to hear about your DM.

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