• Instant run - Get a guy on base, then when at bat repeatedly hit Start, A, B, Start, A, B, ... eventually you'll notice your baserunner starts to take a lead, then runs all the way to the next base while you keep on pressing the buttons. You can keep this going all the way home. The computer keeps on changing its pitcher while you do this, too. It's hilarious to imagine this happening in real life.
  • Instant out - Hold down the B button while throwing a pitch. The computer will always bunt, giving you an easy out.
  • Ultraball - To pretend you're playing Baseball Simulator 1.000, hold Up and Down at the same time while pitching. The result is a wildly transforming ball that's quite impossible to hit.
  • Fake HBP - While batting, hold Up and Down and hit B. Your batter will strike the 'hit by pitch' pose.