Title: Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Genre: Action
Developer: Bandai/Nippon Sunrise
Released by: Bandai
Date: March 28, 1988
Japanese level: 2
MSRP: 3300 yen
Current Price: 500 yen

Oh dear... anime fans undoubtedly know about this original series (sing after me - RO! SHI! AN! RUSSIAN RUUUULETTE!) but would probably rather go without remembering this crapo game. The plot is just as complicated (hm?) as the anime - the two hot investigators Kei and Yuri are assigned to go to a planet caught up in civil war to see what's really happening.

Once the game starts, though, you only have control of Kei (or is it Yuri? The chick with the blue hair, anyway) unless you opt for the 2-player simulataneous option. The two of you go on a side-scrolling dream trip through robots and other odd enemies, and the screen scrolls automatically, killing you if you get stuck behind a block. Why are we in such a hurry that the screen has to scroll by itself?

Once you enter a building the game switches to a slightly more adventurey focus (ie. you need to find stuff), but the boredom remains the same. The graphics are pretty ugly, and probably the only thing you'll remember in the end is the weird-looking guy who briefs you at the start of the game...