"The Magic of Scherezade" FAQ

by Vaustein

One day peaceful Arabia was attacked by the demons. The evil magician Sabaron summoned them from the dark world for his evil desire. One brave magician attempted to fight him, but he failed and his sweetheart was taken and all his memories erased. He was even thrown into a different time period. Do you remember this? The young magician is you. Only you can save Arabia. Please fight Sabaron again!

It is my pleasure to make available this FAQ for "The Magic of Scherezade", a Nintendo Entertainment System game release by Culture Brain c1989. MOS holds a distinguished position among the old NES classics for its mixture of game play concepts, the depth of options, classy graphics, and an excellent soundtrack. MOS was reviewed in the second issue of GamePro magazine, and in Game Players (Vol. 1 #4, I believe) by the legendary William "The General" Trotter. Both reviews heaped praise on the originality and beauty of MOS. I cannot help but agree.

This FAQ is written based upon my own experience with the game, having played through it entirely and seen all the puzzles and game locations. My design objectives are to provide an effective walkthrough of the puzzles, and to augment the manual. I cannot claim to have replaced the manual entirely; I don't have one since I bought the game used. Therefore, feel free to contact me via email with additional information from the manual. Furthermore, small bits of information herein may be erroneous or incomplete. Feel free to email me with additions or corrections.

Exact directions on how to get everywhere are not provided. Most of the game's maze-like structure is fairly easy to navigate. It really is difficult to get lost. However, such details are provided for a few areas that are particularly difficult to navigate, or that have very easy-to-remember directions.

Spirit of the Blue Star, what brings you to my blessed mosque?

Terms and Abbreviations

The Tale of Scherezade

The Five Worlds of Arabia, ruled by the good Sultan Feisal, are besieged by terrible demons. The demons have been summoned by the evil magician Sabaron, who desires the kingdom and the Sultan's daughter Scherezade. The most powerful of the demons is Goragora, who will surely be unstoppable if allowed to enter this world. The descendant of the heroic magician Isfa and Scherezade's true love fought against Sabaron but was unprepared, and Sabaron hurled the youth back through time. A vision of his love and the appearance of Coronya the Time Fairy gives the heir to Isfa's legacy the courage to face Sabaron again!

Each of the five worlds holds a different demon to be dealt with, and each world has a Time Door permitting travel between the the present and either the past or future. Our protagonist must find companions in each world to assist him in the battle against Sabaron and Goragora. These allies often bring with them special items that enhance the hero's power.

The young magician has access to many spells and weapons, and may alter his powers by changing his class to Fighter, Saint, or Magician. As a Fighter, sword attacks are most powerful. As a Magician, magic rod attacks are quite potent. The Saint has weaker overall attack power than the other two classes, but is unaffected by "fields" that cause damage when walked over. I recommend that the Saint class be avoided unless it is required to solve a puzzle. Otherwise, use Fighter class for most of each world. The Fighter class is best for fending off most opposition. When you are ready to enter a demon's palace, though, switch to Magician. Failing to do so will make the fights against demons much more difficult, since magic rods are necessary to harm them.

One of the interesting twists of this game is that the typical adventure game style of top-down-viewed action fighting is complemented by random role-playing game combat scenes. In RPG combat, the player selects from among his allies to assist in the fight, and chooses moves for his side. Then, in common computer RPG style, each sides takes turns executing their moves for each turn. Mercenary troops may be hired to fight with the hero in RPG combat situations, and I strongly recommend having some with you at all times. Whenever you have the opportunity, try to hire enough of them to bring their total number to at least eight. They are hired in sets of four.

There are two game events that are not thoroughly addressed in this document. One is the appearance of a veiled woman who gives away 50 coins. Must be a rich merchant's widow. The other event is "magic icons", large brick circles with engraved hexagrams which restore your MP when you step on them.

Here are a few special passwords that you can enter.
Lists of Items, Spells, and Businesses
Item Name Item Description
Bread Restores 50 HP automatically when HP falls to 0.
Mashroob Restores 50 MP automatically when MP falls to 0.
Key Opens closed doors in palaces.
Amulet ???
Rupia Seed Makes PC invisible and invulnerable. Also planted in MFs.
Magic Carpet Warps PC out of palaces and caves. Also transports to towns visited in current time.
Horn Animates statues in palace rooms with closed doors. Just run into a statue, destroy them all, and the door opens.
Hammer Invokes falling stars to attack all enemies on screen.
Map Displays position in palaces and mazes on a square grid. Hit SELECT.
Swords Several types. A melee weapon most effective by Fighter class.
Magic Rods Several types. A range weapon most effective by Magician class.

Type Description
Shop Sells items. Standard stock includes bread, mashroob, r. seeds, m. carpets.
Hotel Sleeping here recovers the HP and MP of PC and allies.
Mosque Come here to change class, get a password, and resurrect fallen allies.
Casino Gamble for money here. Odds are better during ASE.
Mercs Hire troops in sets of 4. Troops fight with the PC in RPGC, and grow in strength each world.
Magic University Take courses to learn about Forms and GMs. Swords and Rods are often given for courses completed.

PC SPELL LIST - Available when experience levels increase
Name MP Cost World Effect
Pampoo 2 1 +10 HP
Bolttor1 4 1 Damages 1 enemy in ADVC, 5 in RPGC
Oprin 5 1 Open secret passages. Should only be used where indicated.
Defenee 2 1 Enhances armor, lessening damage
Corbock 2 2 Turns enemies into defenseless creatures
Flamol1 20 2 Damages all enemies
Bolttor2 5 3 Upgrade of Bolttor1
Shrink 2 3 Upgrade of Corbock
Flamol2 25 3 Upgrade of Flamol1
Ramipas 10 3 Prevents being ambushed in adventure mode, and prevents RPGC altogether
Bolttor3 ??? 4 Upgrade of Bolttor2
Caraba 20 4 Upgrade of Shrink
Marita 4 5 +50 HP (upgrade of Pampoo)
Flamol3 30 5 Upgrade of Flamol2

NPC SPELL LIST - Very incomplete. Only applies to RPGC
Name Effect
Mymy Stops enemies from attacking
Seal Stops enemies from casting spells
Silleit Turns caster into mirror
Whistle All allies of caster recover MP
Matato All allies of caster recover MP
Perius Summons rain to damage all enemies

Name Form Use VS Effect
Gyzacorn Cygnus Basido Squad Killer winds, damage all enemies
Moniburn Libra Air Squad Turns enemies into fireworks, killing them
Tornador Aries Fire Squad Killer winds, damage all enemies
Stardon Sirius Gilas Regiment Stars falls, damaging all enemies
Thundern Kaitos Magma Regiment Thunder, damaging all enemies
Firebolt Dragon Razlon and Zodor Divisions Major fire damage, most effective offensive spell

GM SPELL LIST - Granted by one wise man per world. Used only once, during ASE.
Name Effect
Monecom Sets C to 999, gives Bread and Mashroob also
Raincom Stops constant damage during travel in W2
Springcom Stops constant damage during travel in W3
Moscom Causes Mosque to appear for class change
Libcom Resurrects and fully restores HP and MP of PC and allies

World 1 - Water World Mooroon

CAPTIVE - Princess Ashelato DEMON - Water Demon Gilga
TD - Pier NE of Rudoria MF Pres - South shore of lake, E of Rudoria MF Past - Same as in present
GM - Monecom; Cave in the past

PAST CONDITIONS (50 years). Towns are generally in the same places as in the present in this world.

World Two - Desert World Alalart
CAPTIVE - Princess Ishutal DEMON - Curly
TD - 6S 1E of Copanes MF Pres - 2N 4E of Malart MF Past - S of Alart
GM - Raincom; 3N 1E of Malart


World Three - Forest World Samalkand
CAPTIVE - Princess Roxanne DEMON - Troll
TD - SW of Kasimeel MF Pres - N of exit from Kashina's Cave MF Past - NE of TD
GM - Springcom; 1W 2N of Nubia

NOTE: In this world, you will notice that the bees and bandits that attack you during your travels often turn into creepy bat-like things when you attack them. When they are in their sickening form, you have roughly 30 seconds to destroy them before a grim reaper-like ghost appears. The ghost will doggedly follow you everywhere, and it can take a lot of punishment before it goes down.

World Four - Flower World Celestern
CAPTIVE - King Feisal DEMON - Fire Demon Salamander
TD - SE of Chigris MF Pres - W of Chigris MF Past - Through the forest to the lava area, then 1E 1N 1W
GM - Moscom; Yufla Palace in past

PAST CONDITIONS (3000 years)

World Five - Evil Magician Sabaron
CAPTIVE - Princess Scherezade DEMON - Goragora
TD - Fire Palace MF Pres - None MF Past - None
GM - Libcom; SE of Chigris

PAST CONDITIONS (3000 years)

This document was written by Justin S. Davis ("Vaustein"), 7/2/97.
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