~ On Hiatus ~

Starting today, |tsr's NES archive is going on an indefinite hiatus of updates. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise as updating has been pretty sporadic anyway recently.

This site has been running for the better part of four years, and the web and the rest of the world have changed greatly since then. When you're running a large site as one person, without any plan, there arises a certain amount of inertia - this site's HTML is haphazard, the directory structure is anarchic, and there are overseen broken links everywhere. It still looks like it was made in 1996. And I never really had the energy to do anything about it, while other NES sites have. (I'm also a control freak who could never get into the thought of getting people to help out, although I entertained it often enough.)

That's not the main reason, though, for why the site's momentum has ground to a halt. It's mostly the size of the site itself. If you spend a few afternoons looking around here and on NES World, you'll have more than a passing knowledge on the NES and Famicom. I am only a few carts away from having a scan of every NES cart, and I have reviews and descriptions of nearly everything important released for Nintendo's 8-bit consoles. And after awhile, there are no more frontiers for the web author to explore. I can go on adding a review here and there for ages to come, but it strikes me as incredibly boring. That more than anything else explains the lack of updating.

Also, unlike in 1996, I have a life now. You know.

With all that gloomy stuff done with, I should say that I'll still be answering my mail, so feel free to continue sending your NES diatribes. Although try to cut down on "Do you know where I can find..." questions. It's become, like, 80% of my mail. Look at your local Funcoland, your local thrift shops and flea markets, on Ebay, and anywhere else you can think of. That's my only secret.

I am not cutting my ties with the NES forever. The site isn't going down. I'll probably go through it and fix broken links and such later on, and maybe I'll put up an auxiliary NES archive or something for truly breaking news.

I have something new in mind web-wise. Maybe it'll come up soon and maybe it won't. It probably won't be under this handle. Maybe you'll still see me on irc, and maybe you won't. You know.

-tsr, 1.20.2000